About AghartA’s service for customers

AghartA will help you find your apartment! From finding an apartment till moving out we are here to help you to make a move easier.

Aren’t you sick and tired of going through so many different aganet and still not being able to find your Perfect room?

  • I don’t know how to start looking for Apartment.
  • I couldn’t rent the room just because I am a foreigner.
  • The landlord didn’t lend me a room because I couldn’t speak japanese.
  • I found a nice apartment, but I couldn’t understand the details on the contract.
  • The owner said “No” because I don’t have a Gurauntor.
  • I am a student, and I was told that I couldn’t have a room without a job.
  • I do not understand all “Move in Fees.” What is Key money ?
  • I couldn’t rent a room because I’m a freelance.

Let AghartA take care of All these language barrier and foreign problems.
We are confident that we can find you an ideal apartment.

We can show you “ALL” rooms that are foreigner friendly.

Majority of real estate Management companies in Japan don’t accept foreigners, but we can negotiate with them and have been successful to rent the room that costumers like.

No more worry about asking around so many agents and being rejected
just because you are a foreigner!!

AghartA Inc. will do these service for FREE!!

01:Before Moving In
  • ・Finding Apartment
  • ・We will negotiate the rent
  • ・Interpretation when you sign the contract
  • ・Setting up utilities
  • ・Opening a Japanese bank account
  • ・Setting up utility bill payment procedure
  • ・Introduce multilingual moving company
  • ・Help you to find furniture
  • ・Setting up internet provider
  • ・Inform how to separate garbage
02:During Your Stay
  • ・Remind you when your contract will expire if not renewed(about 2 months in advance)
  • ・Translate when you have problems
  • ・Translate when you meet with the landlord, management company, and other companies
  • ・Give a tour of the nearby facilities
03:When Moving Out
  • ・Introduce multilingal moving company
  • ・Inform you how to get rid off your unwanted household goods
  • ・Terminate utility contract
  • ・Inform you of address change prodess

If you have any other problems during your stay, we will be more than happy to help.