Q. Specifically, how much does it cost to rent an apartment in Japan?
A. There are: Deposit, Key money, First month’s rent, Insurance, Agency fee and a Lock changing fee There are also Guarantor company fee and cleaning fee (Cleaning fee is usually deducted from the deposit)
Here is an example of the cost of renting a ¥70,000 room (Deposit and Key money are one month’s rent each)
Deposit Key
First month’s
Insurance Lock
changing fee
Agency fee
(sales tax
will be required)
company fee(50%)
70,000yen 70,000yen 70,000yen 20,000yen 15,000yen 70,000yen 35,000yen 355,600yen
Deposit 70,000yen
Key money 70,000yen
First month's rent 70,000yen
Insurance 20,000yen
Lock changing fee 15,000yen
Agency fee (including tax) 75,600yen
Guarantor company fee(50%) 35,000yen
Total 355,600yen
Insurance・Lock changing fee may vary from room to room. These are just average costs.
Q. Can I still sign a contract without a personal guarantor?
A. Yes, you can. In case of locking the guarantor, we have the system of Guarantor company.
Although, some of the properties require both guarantor and Guarantor company.
Guarantor company fee may vary, but it is usually 50%~100% of one moth rent and Management fee (common service fee), and it is paid at the time of signing the contract.
Q. How long can I put a room for hold until I have to start paying the rent?
A. Usually, when you turn in the application, you need to start paying the rent within two weeks.
AghartA will try one by one to extend the holding period, but a week, if we are lucky two weeks, will be the most.
Of course, there may be exceptions, but the rule of the thumb is two weeks after the turning in the application.
Q. Are Utilities (electricity, gas, water) included in rent + management (common service) fee?
A. No. Some countries include them in the rent, but it is not the case in Japan.
Please refer to [real estate words] page on management fee and common service fee.
Q. Is it possible to rent a room without being able to speak Japanese?
A. Yes. It is possible.
AghartA can be your mediator. We can help you with the language and show you many rooms!!
We will take good care of you, not just the translation on the contract, but also from the showing the room to leaving the room, we will continue serving you.
Q. Is there a penalty for suspending the contract early?
A. Usually, there is no penalty for leaving early.
Usual renting time period is two years, but if you let the owner know according to the contract, there shouldn’t be any penalties.
(Usually the notice will be given a month prior to leaving.)
However, the properties with free rent or no key money campaign have penalty of one month rent for suspending the contract earlier than a year or a half of the year.
If that is the case, we will let you know when we show you the room.