STEP1 Gather information・set the budget!!!
Imagine the type of room you would like to live in!!
Search for rental properties to get familiarized.
Use the internet, newspapers, magazines, or what is available to you.
Create and prioritize your limits--moving date, budget, area, etc.
STEP2 Report!!!
When you have an idea of what you are looking for, contact us through e-mail or a phone call!!
Tell us any rooms that you found interest in during the search or your wishes.
We can look for almost all of the properties in Tokyo and Kanto area from many professional real estate online databases.
We will show you all the rooms including the rooms with 0~50% agent fee.
Inquiry →
STEP3 Visit (check out the properties)
Let’s list a few rooms that you are interested in from the many that we have found.
The staff from AghartA will show you the rooms.
Ask AghartA’s staff for any questions about the rooms or of the area.
(garbage pick up information is a good question to ask.)
STEP4 Register
When you have chosen a room, let’s turn in the application before someone else will take it!!
(Registering is first come first serve, so quickness is important.)
It is advised that you bring some kind of ID, passport, and income certificate to process the application and so on.
STEP5 Review
Owner or the managing company will review you information based on your registration.
The main reason for the reviewing is to check your occupation, income, guarantor, and expiration date of ID and visa.
At this time, they will contact your guarantor or emergency contact for the guarantor company.
(At the ID check, they may also check your language ability.)
STEP6 Contaract
You have safely completed the application review. It is now time to sign the contract. We will explain everything in English as clear as we can.
The payment has to be paid by the moving date by depositing the money to a bank account or by cash.
STEP7 Moving
Now you have the contract.
Leave it to AghartA about setting up Gas, Electricity, Water, and Internet.
We will get them ready for your moving date.
If you would like, we can refer you to movers who speak multi languages.
Start a new dream life when you get the key to the room!!!