Company Info

Company name AghartA Inc.
License Governor of Tokyo License No.(2) 93176
Member of All Japan Real Estate Association
Real Estate Guarantee Association
Address Hanihara Bldg, 2F 6-5-7, Ueno Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 〒110-0005 Japan
CEO Masaru Arai
Founded February 2011
Capital 3,000,000yen
Phone 03-5816-0634
FAX 03-5816-0635
Business Description ・Brokerage of renting real estate specialized forforeigners
・Brokerage of buying, selling, renting real estate
・Insurance services
Main financing bank The Bank of Resona Bank, Ltd.
Web site
Office hour Closed on Wednesdays and every other Tuesday or Thursday
  • AghartA Inc.
  • AghartA Inc.
  • AghartA Inc.